Video referencing

Today countries are becoming more and more multinational. This is due to immigration, skill shortages, employment opportunities (relocation), asylum seekers, refugees and study openings . So when a candidate gets offered a position and the employer needs to to do reference checks in another country what methods are available.

  1. Traditional – can be issues

Creating a list of questions and emailing to the referee to answer. Who are you really emailing this to? Is the email going to the person they say it is? Do not use non company domains like Gmail, Yahoo etc. The phone can be the same problem, who is behind the phone? There can be a risk with mobile numbers. You could use Skype or a similar product like FaceTime, however you will have to and fro to organise the meeting, generally this will be in the odd hours of the morning or night and still there is no record apart from your scribbled, coffee stained notes.

2. Innovative – less issues

One way video referencing has been developed by FaceCruit along with its candidate video interviewing software. How does it work?

Simple: Just add referee information and questions and invite and close. The referee will receive an email requesting them to do a one way reference video. They will be recorded giving their answers and once they have completed the reference you will receive an email. The candidate can inform the referee that they should be expecting an email with a request for a video reference. This will also save the referee time as they can do it at their leisure before the closing date.


The advantages is that you will have a clear record from the referee. This will give you a real insight to the candidates skills, strengths and weaknesses. No need to decipher notes or emails. You can also do facial recognition of the referee to see if that it is who they say they are.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of FaceCruit’s products please contact us via email at and we are more than happy to discuss a demo and free trial. There is no obligation with FaceCruit software.
Good luck in you recruitment projects. Remember. “If the wheel isn’t broken then why fix it”. The majority of companies in the recruiting area are running on stone wheels. The innovative companies are looking at the “Back to the Future” hover board.