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How to make a Video Resume – Facecruit

Why make a Video Resume While there are tips regarding how to make your resume look good and presentable there is also a whole new medium of representing the resume which is used by people who love to go extra miles in whichever task they pick up. It is true that you...

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Creative Job Postings

Creative job-postings  The days of dull and exasperatingly boring job postings are now over. The video will play an integral role, where recruiters can post new opening and invite video responses. Powered by CRM platforms, social media cross-linkage, and other tools,...

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Video Interviewing helping with compliance

A large portion of Human Resources responsibilities include risk management. New technologies, such as video interviewing, while they introduce convenience to our lives, can often bring worries of compliance, the burden of new risks and fear that our highly protected...

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