Graduate Video Interviewing Software

Cost & Checks

When it comes to graduate video interviewing software, lets get this “Rabbit out of the hat” . Some companies charge way to high while others charge less. Sure, some companies feel like they want you to brand your company and add marketing/branding videos, but you don’t need to go to Hollywood. You can still get on the red carpet without the expense.

FaceCruit Graduate Video Interviewing has kept pricing extremely low and are still perplexed why some costs are so high. Sure there maybe a few extra bells and whistles that know one really needs, the main areas you should be considering are as follows.

  1. Does it suit your needs
  2. Is it inexpensive
  3. Check to see there is good security in hosting, storage, privacy.
  4. 24/7 support and customisation of your needs.
  5. Can you promote and market your company
  6. Are software offerings available on all plans

For example, if you are an Australian Company do you want your candidates details, resumes and videos stored overseas. Remember if a foreign company stores your data you are accountable. Australian Privacy Laws are tight and stringent so foreign companies storing data in Australia should be less worried.

The majority of companies who have a large intake of graduates use video interviewing. Even if the graduate recruitment is outsourced the majority of agency recruiters still use video interviewing to shortlist their extensive list of applicants.

The past

The video interview of the past was one of scratchy screens, and an art only used in the technology industry. Now businesses of all kinds from all over the world use video interview technology because it just works better. In a phone interview, you can learn everything about a person that is on their CV. In a video interview, you can see the passion, the dedication, and the true personality of a candidate. Graduates of this age are also technologically advanced and geared more towards companies that are up with the times. Video interviewing technology is beneficial in many ways, but it especially allows recruiters to draw the best candidates from the pool of millions applying for internships, fellowships, and entry level positions. Video interviewing technology is no longer a luxury in the hiring world, but a necessity.

Advantages for Graduates

  • Video interviews are also advantageous to candidates in terms of time and money. There is no need to stress about being late to the interview because of traffic, and similarly, there is no need to travel to another city (with the associated expenses that come with it). The only investment you need to make is a computer with Internet access and a webcam, and almost everyone has that kind of equipment these days
  • There are psychological benefits associated to video interviews. A job interview can be a lot less stressful if you can go through it from your own home
  • You can practice for a video interview by recording yourself answering typical interview questions. You can then assess your performance and make the necessary changes, so that you feel confident and prepared on the day of the interview

Can a video interview improve chances of a candidate getting the Job?

The good news is that if a candidate approaches it correctly, a video interview can help him/her be successful in their application. When a candidate  performs well using video interviewing software, they’ll show that they’re at ease with modern technology. They will also have the opportunity to practice with the software until they are comfortable with it. If they have picture-in-picture during the interview, they will be able to observe the appearance they are projecting to your interviewers and adjust if necessary, which is something you don’t get the chance to do in a traditional interview format.

By preparing thoroughly for their video interview and taking care to give the best impression possible they may be able to give themselves a better chance than those who do not prepare.

When you are exploring Graduate video interviewing software or would like to benchmark your current provider, a good start would be to contact FaceCruit.