1. Check your tech

Familiarize yourself with your webcam and microphone so you know how they work. Make sure that your audio and video come through clearly and that there are no technical issues on your end that would hinder your interview. Most video interview platforms have a checking process before you begin. Don’t leave it to the last minute, because if there is a technical problem you may miss out because of the cut off date and time,

The camera should be at eye-level so that you are looking directly into the camera. It won’t make a good first impression if you are seen as looking down or looking up when speaking.

2. Prep your surroundings

You may think the only thing the people on the other end of a video interview can see is your face, but they will see some of your surroundings too. The room that you are in should look neat and attractive and not be visually distracting. You also need to avoid any auditory distractions such as a barking dog or a crying child. Also be sure to turn off the ringers of all the phones in the area.

According to Nick Thompson – Director of FaceCruit ” I have seen interviews with people walking in the background, laundry thrown over chairs, children screaming, phones ringing etc. Make sure there will be no distractions, its not rocket science.”

3. Look at your lighting

Make sure the reviewers of the interview will be able to see your face. Some people put lighting behind their computer to shine at their face to get rid of shadows. Open a blind if in the daytime, it is a matter of shuffling and experimenting with different options so your face and shoulders look clear and natural.

4. Dress to impress

It may be tempting to go pant-less just to say you did, but it’s not a good idea. “Even though you are not interviewing for the position in person, appearance still matters. When interviewing for a professional position, you should still dress in a suit even though only your top will be seen.

5. Sit where you can speak freely

Don’t try to do a video interview from your current job location if they don’t know you’re looking at new opportunities. Hiding in the conference room whispering so no one will hear. It is best to do you interview at home, in a quiet place with no disturbance and where you can speak freely knowing that no one else can hear you.


Smile and be confident. Although you’re not in the same room as your interviewer physically, body language remains important. Sit up straight, look attentive and enthusiastic.